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´╗┐The Legislature''s ''March Madness''

Related: Legislative Update: Keep decisions about new schools in the hands of school boardsEvery two years as the Legislature''s biennial session draws to a close and the campaign season looms, we are inundated with controversial legislation. Without fail and regardless of which party is in power, legislators try to pass bills that otherwise would never see the light of day.My best theory is that the party in power hopes they can avoid public scrutiny newspapers can only devote so many column inches to the work of the state Legislature, and the majority party hopes that controversial or extreme legislation may be lost in the shuffle since so many bills are passed in the last days of session. Just as an example, the Senate calendar for Tuesday, March 11 included a whopping 54 different bills.In other words, they''re counting on the public not noticing.Some refer to this time of year as the "silly season." Since it always falls around March and I''m a big fan of college basketball, I prefer to call it "March Madness in the Legislature."This year, March Madness seems to focus on diminishing voters'' roles in elections in favor of big spending third party organizations. Take a look for yourself: LRB 4050. This draft legislation would end voters'' ability to register to vote at their polling place on Election Day. This effort is a solution in search of a problem. I have yet to hear from anybody outside the Capitol who would want to make it more difficult for Wisconsinites to register to vote. Senate Bill 324. Absentee voting is a proven way to reduce congestion at the polls. We should be taking steps to make voting more convenient for those who have to work long hours, not limiting their options. This bill is certainly a step in the wrong direction. Senate Bill 654. This bill was introduced by the Senate Majority Leader to make it easier for certain organizations to skirt the state''s campaign spending disclosure laws. SB 654 would allow organizations who spend money on issue ads to remain unnamed and unaccountable to Wisconsin voters. I see no reason to promote lower accountability standards in Wisconsin politics. People are already fed up with the amount of money Masteron Side Effects For Women'' in politics, and I believe it makes sense to promote transparency, not secrecy. The bill is opposed by the League of Women Voters, Common Cause in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Senate Bill 655. Think you''ve "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" seen it all? This bill, introduced by the Senate Majority Leader, would loosen campaign donation restrictions on lobbyists. Currently, lobbyists are not allowed to contribute to campaigns until after June 1 of an election year, a measure which prevents lobbyists from handing checks to legislators as they consider proposals they have an interest in. This bill extends the time that lobbyists can cut checks to legislators. I have yet to hear from a single constituent Buy Jintropin who believes that lobbyists Sustanon 250 4 Ml A Week need more influence over legislators.SB 655 also increases from $25 to $500 the spending limit that determines Stack With Testosterone Cypionate when a group has to register as a campaign committee. This move would result in fewer groups having to report their campaign spending, meaning less information available to voters about how campaign cash is being spent. This legislation, too, is opposed by many good government advocacy groups in Wisconsin.I believe that these bills are a part of a continued effort by the "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" majority party to consolidate power in Madison by controlling elections. We saw it early in 2011 with a power grab during the redistricting process. Despite calls from editorial boards from across the state, Republicans have refused to support redistricting reform that would take the responsibilities for "Anaboliset Aineet" drawing political boundaries away from politicians. bill that imposed unnecessary burdens on poor and elderly Wisconsinites before they could exercise their fundamental right to vote.Call me old fashioned, but I would rather have elections "buy cheap jintropin online" determined by voters. It is clear to me that the majority party is trying to tip the scales against voters by making it more difficult to register and vote. At the same time, by opening the door for more cash to flow into campaign coffers and keeping the electorate in the dark about how third party attack ads are funded, this last minute push is favoring deep pocketed donors and shady third party organizations.The current majority party is counting on Wisconsin citizens not paying attention as they move these bills through the Legislature. Let''s make sure that doesn''t happen.